The Ancients had many, many things we do not know about today. Even now, we still do not know all of them. Here are the things we have discovered:

The Ancient ShipEdit

A massive stone space-ship powered by three Keystones, it is capable of supergalactic travel in a matter of minutes, and is also capable of creating wormholes in the fabric of space-time. It was disguised as a set of complicated hi-tech ruins until the three Keystones were found.

The Space RuinsEdit

This triangular floating satellite orbits the planet, firing special lasers at the Shadows that walk the surface of Terra. It used to orbit a planet called Fons, over a lake of Krawl, but was brought over to Terra to protect. It is powered by special fossils. It functions fairly similarly to the Ancient Ship.

The DynaliumEdit

Okay, now THIS is cool. It's effectively a huge super-powerful mega-laser used for penetrating force fields and destroying all the sh*t in its way. It was created to be used against the Krawl, but then Endin upgraded it to be useful against shadows as well (this was a bit unnecessary as the Krawl are made of darkness).

The Portal TowersEdit

These are special towers that held together space-time, and can create portals to different locations. Each tower has a specific property, and creates a different colored portal to a different location. The end system depends on the tower used.

The Ancient DevicesEdit

These are six special devices located deep within ruins. Inside the seventh ruin is a frozen beast of untold power, known only as Pegatinum.

The Legacy WeaponsEdit

These are pretty self-explanatory. They are super-powerful weapons forged from an iron will and the essence of time, to be used by the one destined to save the world.

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