BEN, also BEN DROWNED, is a technological anomaly phantom, formerly possessing a copy of the game "Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask". While his original appearance remains mostly unknown, due to him previously drowning, he currently assumes the form of a demonic version of Link, as the Young Hero Of Time, with all the abilities, and more. Being part of Team Operator, there are ways to call on him. The first would be to play the haunted game, or another copy under the name 'BEN'. The second is using the symbol. And the third involves waiting for him to find you. He is frequently associated with the Song of Unhealing, a version of the original Song of Healing played backwards, and causes steady damage to an opponent, and the phrase "You shouldn't have done that." He seems evil, but his intentions are benevolent, and doesn't want to be lost forever, no matter how many people he has to 'accidentally' drive to insanity while doing so.

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