Carnictis Sordicus (Vile Meat-Weasel) is a worm-like creature that lives in the abyssal chasms of Skull Island.

Writhing, serpentine, vermicular predators of the tepid sludge that suffocate the depths of the chasms, they are feeders on the dead and wounded. They are slow but relentless. Lacking eyes or a face of any sort, they are little more than an animated stomach that folds in and out of itself with obscene undulation.

When the human crew fell into the abyss chasm, several arachnid and insectoid creatures, such as the Arachno-Claw , attacked them, killing many of the unfortunate humans. The Carnictis were among those who attacked. They floated and swam in the muck toward the Humans in huge groups. Lumpy was the first to be attacked. He fought back, punching their tooth-filled, gaping maw/heads, but he was then attacked (and distracted) by a Weta-rex , giving the worms time to surround him. Lumpy then grabbed his machete and bravely fought the creatures, slicing off one's head, only to see another biting his leg. A Carnictis then bit onto his arm, and as he tried to cut it with his machete, a Carnictis bit onto his head, as the Carnictises finally overwhelmed him.