"Yet one cannot decide, which to keep, which to go. So away they vanished, one gone, one lost, never alone."
―Scripts of Time



Chara Dreemurr is an entity with immense power, split between two forms.

(please note, I, (TrueEnder), consider both Chara and their counterpart Frisk to be female, despite many saying they are nonbinary)

RED CharaEdit

This is the evil side, the side banished to the Co-Host Crew's shenanigans. She is rude and ill-tempered, but is still reasonable due to holding knowledge of what went wrong and how to fix it.

BLU CharaEdit

This Chara is kind and thoughtful, but no less of a deadly fighter. She is equally powerful to RED Chara, but due to friendship majyyks managed to banish... herself? Her other self... to the Co-Host realm. And somehow tossed through time and space.

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