Conner Akemada was the Fifth Hokage of the New Order. He survived the Hoak Civil War with his brother Sonake, and after joining the New Order, he was the only Hokage who didn't turn evil. He helped Ender and StarGate on many occasions. He is the younger brother of Sonake.

Appearance Edit

His hair is messy and black, it is always like this. His eyes are dark blue and they rarely ever show emotions, looking deep enough into them may show his past memories though. He has a scar over his left eye which he hasn't spoken to anyone about before, though it was suspected that it was a wound Sonake gave him when he turned evil. Like all Hokages, Conner has ears and a tail. The tip of his tail is red. Events will lead up to Conner changing to the evil side, but that will be reversed when he is close to being killed. His clothes are mostly ripped, this is due to the things he has been through and may stay as they are now. The only think that isn't ruined in any way are his boots which are made of leather, and one of his prized possessions. He wears traditional Hokage robes.

Angel Form Edit

After some tragic events happen, Conner will eventually die. He comes back an Angel though, yet he still has the scar over his left eye for unknown reasons but it does suggest that the scar is a permanent scar that he can't get rid of. He has white Angel Wings and a Gold Halo much like everyone knows that Angels have and that is really the only major change in his looks. His shirt is also possibly a new one and his trousers are ripped more than usual, the Robes remain as they have been all throughout his many adventures yet are now actually missing the hood which he usually has.

When he becomes a Half-Angel(Fallen Angel?), he doesn't have his wings anymore. That is all that changes.

Evil Form Edit

When Conner gets captured by the Evil Group, he asks (not begs) for mercy which is kind-of what he got... They realize how useful he could be and so they make him join their team and then send him to be a spy for them, this he does without any problems. The only change in his looks are the fact that the scar actually seems to be deeper, this doesn't seem to bother him and might be something he doesn't notice. His trousers are ripped more than usual and stay this way after all events, and he becomes Evil BEFORE becoming an Angel (so why is it below? I don't know XD). He also starts showing hate in his eyes and tends to grin more than usual before revealing that he is on the evil team now. After the revelation, he actually grins more and shows no signs of taking pain unless it is either pressure on the scar on his face or pain which is of a much higher level than one can normally take.

Personality Edit

Conner is at first timid and shy, but his experience of war and violence hardened him.

Normal Conner Edit

Ever since leaving Hoak, Conner has actually become less social and hasn't spoken to many people since. He rarely ever spoke to others and actually followed Ender around without him noticing after realizing the powers that Ender had, this led to Conner being called a stalker on the twos first actual face-to-face meeting in which he didn't actually reply for quite a while. Not much is known about him and so he is called mysterious by other people, namely the ones who have seen him at work or only just managed to escape from him when he is on his job. The better you become friends with him, the more he actually opens up to you but something that will remain a secret that only he knows. He usually does anything to protect the ones that he is friends with no matter if it would risk/cost his life which is exactly how he died, but he knew that protecting Ender and his friends was a good cause. He is actually quite laid-back and calm as well but that doesn't usually show unless he is fighting or doing something that he loves, this is something that makes the ones he is fighting against underestimate him which leads to him easily beating them.

Angel Conner Edit

Being an Angel, you would expect him to be all kind and stuff but that isn't how he fully is. When he first appeared as an Angel, he was actually had a mixed personality and so he could be kind one minute but the next he would be yelling and stuff like that. After he finally became reunited with Ender and Co. he actually calmed down and became more laid-back and calm while also being a strong fighter. His immortality means that he got assigned the harder and more dangerous jobs like scouting out and going ahead and looking for dangerous things but knew that it was worth it and did it for the team. He is actually also more kind-hearted and shows to become friends with everyone almost instantly because he is able to tell what stuff they like and what makes them annoyed so he can steer clear of it. He also finds it easier to trust others and so any trust issues that he has had before have started to be fixed quickly so then he has a stronger bond.

Evil Conner Edit

Being evil, this is probably going to be the easy bit. When he first got back to the group, he acted mostly the same but with a few hard-to-notice differences in the fact that he tends to get annoyed easier. Oh yeah, he also shows signs of aggravation and easily got annoyed with Ender and Co. which probably led to some of them getting suspicious of him. When he finally revealed that he was actually evil, it showed more as he did more evil deeds and shows less sympathy to others for what he does. He probably becomes a bit too evil, leading him to actually try and be better than everyone. This would cause problems as Ender and Co. have a slight team-up with the evil guys so when they finally do catch up with Conner, the good ones beat him up to a point of near-death until the evil guys finally work stuff out and make Conner become good again.

Backstory Stuffs Edit

This is generally stuff that had happened and a general summary of what will happen later on, especially with him getting killed and all that.

Normal Conner 1 Edit

For 14, Conner lived on Hoak along with Sonake, and his parents on a farm. Six years before Conner was born, a Civil War between the aristocracy and the farmers. After their parents were killed by soldiers, Conner and Sonake joined the fighting as teens. They met Malladus and the other Hokages who would later form the New Order. When the Civil War ended, Conner and the other six were some of the only Hokages left alive as the War had been so violent and terrible. Eventually though, the New Order met their match at the hands of the EnderLords. Conner avoided death by refusing to partake in the slaughtering of innocents and Sonake survived by pretending to be dead. Conner then followed Ender to Earth.

Conner became nicknamed ''Stalker'' by Ender after the two had their first face-to-face meeting where Conner revealed that he had actually been watching him and so he knew quite a lot about Ender already. Conner and Ender occasionally met up to talk after this and these chats becoming more lengthy and more regular. Ender did not know that Conner was Sonake's brother, as Conner hid his ears and tail. It was quite a while before Conner could see his best friend again and doing so had its consequences. Some time after Conner meeting up with Ender and Co. he gets kidnapped by the evil team "Would you care to have mercy on someone like me?" was what he says and plans were formed. In only a few seconds flat, someone made something which was a bit like a mind-control device but not exactly like that and so they actually got Conner to join the evil team because he could lead them to Ender.

Evil Conner Edit

After the evil team makes Conner meet up with Ender and Co. again, the group get attacked and Conner seems to go missing but he actually went hiding so they didn't get suspicious about him not attacking the evil side which was the one that he was secretly on. He came back right after the fight ended with Ender's team winning and claimed to not know about what had been happening. When he learns that he is allowed to fight with Ender's team to actually lower suspicion, he joins in later fights until one time when he isn't present and comes right at the end of the fight in order to see how the evil side was doing. This leads to Conner revealing that he has actually been on the evil side all along which was why they were found so easily, and then he parts with the group after letting them know that he is always watching them and knows Ender's every move. Eventually, he starts getting more and more OP as a villain and the other evil people are annoyed about Conner becoming better than them so they ask Ender and Co. for their help which they somehow decide to accept. They lure Conner into a trap which doesn't affect him and then Ender and Co. are forced to deal damage to Conner again and again and again which is when they notice him not feeling pain at all. Eventually Conner in sent into a state of near-deathness and then the evil peoples make him be good again which was probably partially pointless at this time in the fight.

Normal Conner 2 Edit

After finally returning to the good side again and in a state of near-deathness, Conner is taken back to where ever it is that they are staying so then he can heal. After he is finally fully healed, Conner states that he "... didn't feel as if I was in control of my body. It was strange, like someone else was controlling me..." and shows that he does feel sorry for what has happened. He tries hard to make it up with Ender and the others which sometimes ends up in more fighting and so he leave the group temporally for a while to have a rest and think about life. After adventuring on his own for quite a while, Conner hears about stuff happening nearby and goes to investigate and it turns out to be Ender and Co. in quite a tough fight. Conner joins the fight, first as a mysterious-hooded-stranger-who-fires-arrows-from-afar but then reveals himself to actually be Conner, and then takes a life-threatening blow for Ender which actually causes his downfall.

Angel Conner Edit

After he finally awakens in a strange village, he finds out that he has become an Angel. He isn't sure how to act and so his mixed personalities clash and make him have unstable actions for quite a while. When he finally meets up with Ender again, Conner finds out that it has actually been several months since he died and so him coming back as an Angel wasn't expected. Conner jokes and says "It could have been worse, I could have been made a Demon instead" which probably says that he isn't actually the worst person out there despite the things that he has done. Conner helps Ender and Co. on their quests again and helps a lot, until it comes to an end. Conner appears to be ''Fading away'' and so he gives a farewell to his friends by saying "I will miss you all. Remember me though and... I am always in your heart" before actually vanishing and returning to heaven where he won't be seen for quite a long time, but he is watching the progress of Ender and Co. from heaven in hopes that he is able to return one day.

Future Possibilities Edit

I know that Angel Conner will return, and as Angel Conner and not Normal Conner or Evil Conner because those two aren't able to be seen unless it is something featuring stories of the past. So generally, Conner is going to fall from the sky and into the path of Ender when he is out for a walk and then he will be taken back to the camp, eventually waking up there. It turns out that Conner, along with other unnamed and unimportant Angels, have fallen from heaven but he also says to have been unconscious during it. It is noticed that he has lost his wings which also means that he can't fly ahead, and he probably isn't fully immortal anymore. The now half-Angel Conner joins Ender and Co. on quests because there isn't anything else he can do, and he gets more and more annoyed at the Halo being above his head while he doesn't have any Wings. It shall be interesting, I'm sure.

Quotes :D Edit

This section features stuff that Conner has said in the Story, stuff that he will say and stuff that he has said in the past. It won't feature all that he was said though for that may take up lots and lots and lots of room XD

Normal Conner 1 Edit

"I can fight! Don't worry about me sis, I will be fine" - Conner to his sister during the Hoak Civil War before the injury.

"It doesn't hurt, trust me. I... I... I'm... I'm fine. Just leave it" -Conner after being injured.

"You know something? I'm ****ing 15 years old and I still can't do what I want? Well screw this place then, screw all of you! I am going out there and traveling the Universe to see the sights! Don't expect me to come back though, the live I am living now is the best one for me" - When Conner is rebelling on Hoak and leaves his home forever.

"That guy... I can sense power radiating from him, a lot of power. But how does he get it all?" - Conner when first seeing Ender. He is amazed at how much power Ender has hidden away.

"Stalker? I'm not a stalker, I'm an Assassin. Last time I checked, they are two different things" -Conner to Ender on their first face-to-face meeting.

"Assassin's don't make deals unless its for a job" - Conner to Ender after Ender offers to make a deal.

"Saving the world? That isn't for me. I'm willing to take a shot though" -Conner when told about the quest to save the world, he is probably remembering what happened back on Hoak when saying this.

"I'm not a hero, I have killed people. Half of them I didn't even know. If anyone if the Hero then it is you, Ender." - Conner to Ender after Ender says that Conner is a Hero.

"DON'T HURT MY FRIENDS AGAIN OR YOU WILL PAY!" - Conner to any enemy after several or all of his friends have been defeated.

"I like helping people you know, It just kind of... Makes me feel good. I wish I could change the past though because..." - Conner to Frost when talking about helping others.

"My past is none of your concern, so leave it." - Conner to anyone when asked about his past/scar/ears and tail.

"I was blind once, well... More like half-blind. It was actually quite scary because I was 8 at the time and I could barely see where I was going" - Conner on the subject of blindness.

"Ender, I have a job to do. See you later though, I'm sure it won't take too long to do" - Conner to Ender when he gets the job to do.

"Now who the Hell are you?" - Conner to anyone he doesn't know the name of.

"Would you care to have mercy on someone like me?" - Conner asking the evil guys for mercy.

"What is that? No, seriously, can you tell me what it does first" - Conner when he sees the device the evil team uses to make him evil.

Evil Conner Edit

"My name is Conner, even you know that! Why did you ask my name anyway?" - Evil Conner to his Ender and Co. after meeting up with them again.

"I escaped. It was hard though" - Evil Conner when asked how he got away from the evil teams.

"I'm grinning? Well... I am allowed to be happy aren't I? Or is it against the law to be happy now?" - Evil Conner to Ender when he is told that he is grinning. Ender gets slightly suspicious about Conner.

"Who invented a law that says I can't be happy? Tell me now!" - Evil Conner to Xena when she says that he is grinning a bit much.

"Hey guys, how is the fighting going... Oh jeez, I did not expect that to happen" - Evil Conner when he goes to see how the evil team is doing and finds that they have been beaten

"I asked for mercy and I got it. They realized that you wouldn't get that suspicious if I was spying on you in secret, and so I could send our location directly to the bad guys which is why we kept running into them! But now that you know I'm actually not on your side anymore, I guess I have to go. See you later!" - Evil Conner to Ender and Co. when he explains that he is actually evil now.

"A trap, seriously? That was the lamest thing you could ever do, sweet how you thought it would work though. Come on then, attack me. I'm waiting, for I don't have all day. OP Villainess to get up to and all that, unless you want me to fight you? I ACCEPT THEN!" - Evil Conner when he deliberately goes into the trap which doesn't harm him. He then proceeds to fight Ender and Co. using only his Hidden Blades which ends with him and Ender's Team being injured quite a lot.

"Don't do that, I said DON'T! Do you ever listen to me?" - Evil Conner to evil team right before he is made good again.

Normal Conner 2 Edit

"Am I... Am I alive?" - Conner right after becoming good.

"Guys, I'm leaving you for a while. I have work to do, and it is clear that you don't want me to be around you. Goodbye..." - Conner when he leaves the group to do his own stuff, it was thought to be permanent for a while.

"You know my name, I'm just waiting for you to say it. Who else do you know that is this skilled with Bow?" - Conner with hood up to Ender and Co. when he comes back and helps by firing Arrows.

"I'm glad to be back you know guys, I missed all of you. I heard a commotion and was nearby and so hey, I came to help and it was worth it!" - Conner when fighting the enemy with his friends again.

"ENDER, LOOK OUT!" - Conner to Ender when Ender is going to be attacked. This is the blow that Conner takes for Ender.

"Guys, I... I think I... I... I won't make it... Remember me..." - Conner's Last Words to his friends right before he finally dies. His friends are then angered and they beat the enemy to avenge Conner. Tears will fall at this time, as well as it being sad because Conmer was a good Character. :(

Angel Conner Edit

"Where the Hell am I?" - Angel Conner after first waking up in the Strange Village.

"It is nice to... Why the f*** am I talking to you anyway?" - Angel Conner when he first has the first mixed-personality problem.

"Ender, I... I'm alive... I don't know how it happened!" - Angel Conner to Ender when finding him again.

"Being immortal sucks, I don't like having to go first all the time" - Angel Conner when talking about being Immortal.

"Lets push on with our quest guys, we can't finish it if you lag behind too much!" - Angel Conner to the others when he is the only one who isn't tired of walking because he can't get tired of walking at all.

"You know something? Being an Angel is MUCH better than being a Demon, that's for sure. I wouldn't like being damned, or being a Damned Angel either. I bet being a Fallen Angel sucks as well" - Angel Conner knows that being an Angel is better than what he could have been.

"Guys, I think I'm... I'm... I'm fading away... I will miss all of you a lot, trust me! I... I don't know how long I have left..." - Angel Conner when he starts to fade, it doesn't affect him much at this point.

"I will miss you all. Remember me though and... I am always in your heart" - Angel Conner as he finally fully fades with tears in his eyes. He vanishes and all of his friends are sad that Conner is gone again.