In the beginning of the End, there were seven families.


From whence came Herocryphe Palacen, Sixth EnderLord. This family was well known for sacrificial bravery and loyalty.


Known for being kind and fair to all. Family of Ennirua Everzone.


A family that slipped themselves into obscurity, and yet were still remembered more in history than the NightBlades. They apparently had power over illusion.


A group known for their tendency to develop random, oftentimes esoteric, powers. Ancestors of Xenaria Skablad.


The ancestral family of Malani Terrafin, they are known for brute strength and prankster personas.


Once considered the most powerful family, they use deception and manipulation to get their ways. They have a running feud with the NightBlades.


Once the most underestimated and disregarded family, Ender Vharion NightBlade turned all the facts on their heads, and made them the most powerful and resistant family, alongside their already brilliant power over magic and vast otherworldly knowledge.