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Endor. He is the strongest being in the universe, and inspires fear in all who dare cross his path (much to his dismay). It is possible that he is satanic.


Endor has no set appearance, as he is continuously shapeshifting into terrifying things. As far as I know, he can become:

  • A hovering cloud which shows your fate
  • A shadow which stalks you
  • A sort of humanoid form with a permanent frown (most frequently)
  • A ghost
  • The Green Lantern (the item, not the film)
  • A black fire
  • Anyone who looks at him
  • A more terrifying version of Ender's Enderman Form
  • A black teletubby with an upside-down star as a symbol, a tortured face, and a static screen
  • A scarier version of the Puppet
  • Fear
  • The Nightmare (A ghostly black bear with a gold hat and tie)
  • A floating black sludge-like form, most used when meditating and watching the entire StarGate Complex, and the rest of the world


Endor has a strong belief in not giving up, and his eyes change color to match his mood. Here is a list. He is not known to turn down challenges, as he is challenged almost weekly (like clockwork) by Silas. Endor normally wins, but occasionally slips up on purpose to let Silas have his moments of glory, as he is not heartless. He's actually a very nice person, despite what first appearances may say.


Endor has many powers, including (but not limited to):

  • Gateway (creating passageways, doors and staircases out of nowhere)
  • Form-Change (described in appearance)
  • Master Control (allows control of Master Gemstones' power (use whenever necessary without gems))
  • Chaos Power (allows manipulation of space-time)
  • Pulse (super-practiced telekinesis)
  • Mornstar/Evenstar (light/dark magic attacks)
  • End Venom (cures ailments caused by Enderwolven tail stings)
  • Mind-Change (allows telepathy, mind-control, possession and body-swapping)
  • So many more...

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