The Enere System is a binary star system in deep space, consisting of many planets. The capital, Terra, is the one where most of the action happens, although a lot has been known to happen on the other planets. Bakur, one of the furthest-out planets, is split directly in half by the immense gravity of its twin moons, Bakurjis and Bakurhai. Heptes and Glacia are two planets sharing the same furthest-out orbit. Respectively, they are incredibly rocky and incredibly cold. Bakroia is the strangest planet, with immense gravity on one side of the planet, and a little too little on the other, and circles the second sun. Gkholokho is the closest planet to the Sun, and is coated in a thick layer of active volcanoes. Espira is the darkest planet, despite being directly between the twin suns. Tempei is a comet-planet, that orbits the system once about every half a year on Terra. Kasta, a strange, magical planet, spins around Espira, always equidistant from the twin suns.

Overall, Enere is a very diverse but homely star system.

All the planets follow either an elliptical orbit around both suns, a sideways orbit around one, or a figure-of-eight orbit around both.

The second sun, Beta, orbits the first, Alpha, but has been known to swing Alpha slightly back and forth.

It is also the resting place of the Legacy Beast, one part being on each planet.

It has been discovered that there are three outer planets, following a similar orbit to Kasta, but much further out. The three are Daecons, home of the Draco, Iclefte, a strange box in space, which happens to be inhabited by Wisps, and Ouroboros, which technically isn't a planet at all, but the remains of the Biometal Model W.

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