The Epheliorites were a rather upper class End Clan; they were all very sophisticated and rich, taking control of the many mineral mines on the End, and enslaving many beings who stumbled upon the rock. They claim to be the First Family of the End, evidence which is supported by information found deep within the NightBlade family Archives, a script that read:

"Black of Heart, and Blue of Blood, more accustomed to Riches than Mud, Lust for Power, Need for Gold, the Epheliorite story is often told, to those who are wealthy, the higher men, the story of the first to set foot upon the End."

The First King of the Epheliorite Family was a human named Atlas Ephelior, a scientist and explorer. On an expedition through space, he and his crew found treasure, but driven by greed, Atlas slaughtered everyone else on board his ship. He came across the End and started a family with a local Enderfolk, declared himself King, and enslaved many other people.

The Second King of the Epheliorite Family was Zevulon Ephelior, son of Atlas. He was kinder and more generous, but after the death of his mother, took it out on another family who had arisen, the nightBlades. This fur lasted for millennia to come. Zevulon was half human and half Enderfolk, so was considered by many of the Enderfolk to be superior to them. He was slaughtered by a band of the NightBlade warriors, who destroyed the post of King.

The Third Lord of the Epheliorite Family was Quest Ephelior, who attempted to make peace between the ephiliorites and the NightBlades. This worked - for some time anyway, until Quest was murdered by his own son, the villainous Nyx Ephilior.

The Fourth, and last, Lord of the Epheliorite family was the violent Nyx Ephelior. He started many wars and killed many Enderfolk, until the other Clans united and destroyed him. At last, the End was peaceful. Just.

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