The Form Change Protocol Information Processor Drive Card, or just Form Disk, is a sophisticated piece of equipment for use only with the models of Proton Blaster V4 and onwards. There are many different disks, each forming a new piece of code, and the idea of these was taken from Rock's ability to copy the weapons of foes he has defeated.

  • Buster - Standard cannon attachment, comes with the set. Fires ellipsoid energy pellets, a single one of which is able to blast a hole in a rock. From the other side of a ten-inch-thick steel plate. That has been coated in several layers of graphene. And titanium.
  • Breaker - Standard sword, extension of Grip.
  • Grip - Standard fist attachment, grants increased strength. Take the power of the shot, then multiply it by SEGWAY.
  • Lash - Whip. Obtained from Alex-Nega.
  • Saber - Advanced sword. From Ender.

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