A Geo is a legendary treasure of untold power, said to be able to summon and control an Ultimate Form. Nine Geos have been discovered, but nobody has been able to use them successfully without being destroyed by the immense power radiating from within. Ender has yet to have a go, but he knows the risks, and feels that if he uses them the world will be left without a hero.

Flame GeoEdit

Summons a fiery snake-man by the name of Tindera.

Cyclone GeoEdit

Calls up Zorna, a wind giant with a terrifying axe.

Thunder GeoEdit

Awakens a mighty squid, Fulvina.

Hammer GeoEdit

Brings the incredible stone giant Larrup with his hammer.

Plasma GeoEdit

Summons the powerful turtle of doom, Voltorn.

Ice GeoEdit

Melts the mold around the dragonesque Artezza.

Wing GeoEdit

Calls the soaring terror-bird, Shulla.

Time GeoEdit

Summons the almighty Beast King Kaio, namesake of the Kaio system.

Hyper GeoEdit

Awakens the great Einedron, a massive Black Phoenix who protects the Enere system.

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