Glacia is the eighth planet in the Enere system, and despite its cold surface, it is actually an ancient space station, covered in ice, with a solitary satellite-like object orbiting above the icy shell. The planet itself is a super-intelligent cyborg dragon, which preserved itself for eternity by replacing himself, part by part, with robotic body parts instead of organic ones. Then, he froze himself into a ball of ice, and becoming part of the system. Over time, he developed into a dragonesque space station, with the satellite on the outside being a special generator.

Silas has said time and again that Glacia is his favourite planet, even building several homes there. He also has a specialist cloning facility, but only he and those he allows in have access to it. The dragon is not too pleased about this, but he does not mind very much, being able to drain power and information from the cloning facility on a regular basis. Silas seems to be unaware of this, and as of yet believes that his employees (AKA clones) are stealing his stuff.

The dragon-planet holds the Scythe Arm of the Legacy Beast.

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