The Halo of Power was a priceless artefact stolen by Jesus (then Jebadiah H. Christoff), which granted him extreme supernatural abilities. These include possession, lightning bolts (which can also cause zombification), flight, extreme speed, and life after having your head ripped off your body by an insane psycho clown.

The Halo was once stolen by The Auditor, who summoned a rocket launcher out of thin air, and blasted him out into a beam of Normality Energy. After being worn by the Auditor, it turned from its usual golden color to the red of his eyes. After this point, it has the ability to endow a person with Normality Energy if held in a hand for some time. This can lead to increased, permanent regeneration of limbs, and the ability to throw a super-powerful "Lightning Punch". This ability has only been used by Hank J. Wimbleton. It is most effective against creatures made of Improbability Energy, such as the Auditor.