The High Krawl are the leaders of the Krawl Swarm. There are many of them, each corresponding to a certain "type". At the current moment, there are twelve of them, thirteen if you count their master, Krux. Six have been outcast.

Currently there are:

  • Maja, the Shadow (Outcast) - Dark
  • Gronos, the Void - Aurora (Plant)
  • Jado, the Menace - Flash (Water)
  • Gelberus, the Fire - Corona (Fire)
  • Krux, the Dark Spectrobe Master - Unknown (Half-Human)
  • Ecrion, the Vortex (Outcast) - Aurora (Plant)
  • Infuega, the Inferness* (Outcast) - Corona (Fire)
  • Yterran, the Quaker - Terra (Ground)
  • Aior, the Trail - Aura (Air)
  • Formyn, the Breaker (Outcast) - Terra (Ground)
  • Neko, the Prowler - Dark
  • Lucas, the Illuminate** (Outcast) - Aura (Air)
  • Nexus, the Chaos (Outcast) - Flash (Water)

- *Inferness - portmanteau of "inferno" and "sorceress"

- **Illuminate (noun, pl. Illuminates) - someone illuminated, also a member of the Illuminati

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