A Hokage is a humanoid being native to Hoak. There are only three known Hokages still alive (NARUTO ALEX FERI BRADY SIVER Akemada, Conner Akemada and Kokiri Akemada) and three Half Hokages (Edward Kenway-Akemada, Serena Kenway-Akemada and Georgie Kenway-Akemada). Hokages have two distinguishing features; Firstly, they are generally slightly shorter than humans, albeit only by a few inches. One exception to this rule was Kronos Knyros the Titan, who stood at nine feet tall. The second distinguishing feature of Hokages is that they have canine-like ears and tails, usually with a bright colour at the tips. Half Hokages (cross between human and Hokage) tend to be of average height. Females usually have ears and no tail, and males usually have tails and no ears, though it can differ.