Jaden is the legendary Fire Spirit Master. He is carefree and confident, and loyal to a fault. His sword is razor-sharp and all his clothes and equipment are heat resistant, as his hair is permanently on fire. He is an Energizer Bunny.


He wears a green long-sleeve shirt and blue jeans. Not enough for you? Okay, he has a bionic hand made from a lithium-aluminum-adamantium alloy, a grenade belt filled with remotely detonating disk-bombs, a black mask with glowing white eye slits, an aggravating smirk, two six-foot-long swords strapped to his sides, and (his most iconic feature) his head full of fire. As in, he does not have hair. He has fire instead of hair.

That's how you know you're screwed.


[WIP] Artwork of Jaden by Alex.

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