First Wielder of the Binary Sword. Original owner of the Halo of Power.

Jebus 1

Jebus with the Binary Sword and his codename

Jebus 2

Without the sunglasses

Dead Jebus

After being killed by a bolt of Normality Energy (and the Auditor)

Professor Jebadiah H. Christoff, nicknamed Jesus, Jebus or The Savior, is the original owner of both the Halo of Power and the Binary Sword. After being fired from his job as a researcher during some sort of zombie scuffle at his old workplace, he donned the Halo and became a sort of god. He can summon zombies and move things via telekinesis. He is an enemy of Hank J. Wimbleton (who he killed several times, and he was killed by once), Tricky (who he killed once) and The Auditor (who has killed him once). He is a resident of Hank's Nevada.

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