Kokiri Akemada is the daughter of Nadine and, surprisingly, Sonake. As a young child, she was a bright child, who taught herself how to read, walk, fly a plane, talk, and solve complicated equations by the time she was three years old. Her genius was not what she needed to save her mother, though, as, in The Old Future, her beloved mother was murdered in front of her. After this, her spirit took a drastic, dark turn, as she began combining her knowledge with her mother's machines, and adding dark magic created the ultimate sentinel, Sorid. She also created a sword with immense dark capabilities, but as she tried to bring her mother back from the dead, as a final trick, she accidentally cursed herself to be immortal, to be wandering the earth forever, permanently haunted by visions of the dead. This lead to her ability to see and converse with the dead. Soon, her talents were discovered by the Dark Master, who tried to blackmail her into destroying Sorid. However, she saw through his scheme, and only escaped with Sorid through the Time Portal (one of her inventions) with the others. She, Sorid, and her robotic best friend Nails were the last ones through.

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