The Legacy Weapons are fabled weapons of great potential. They were created by supernatural beings from another dimension.

The Pendulum AxeEdit

This massive gold-and-bronze axe has an edge that looks like part of a sundial. When swung in a circle, the motion makes the axe glow and become more powerful.

The BloodswordEdit

A blood-red sword with the ability to leech a little life out of an enemy, slowly and painfully, and the energy makes the blade more powerful with each connecting swing.

The Glacier HammerEdit

An ice-blue hammer with an ice-cold sapphire at the center. When swung at the ground, it sends a straight-line shockwave through the ground, freezing everything it its path.

The Shadow BowEdit

This bow fires black magic arrows that curve through the air to the destined target. It never misses.

Copy GauntletsEdit

This pair of golden gauntlets are indestructible, and, if hit correctly with a melee attack, will duplicate the attacking weapon(s).

Fire LanceEdit

Thunder WingEdit

Lunar WingEdit

Soaring StaffEdit

Solar FlareEdit

Summoning RodEdit

Dega DragonEdit

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