Legendaries are some of the most powerful creatures in the world. There are many different types and groups, but they all have one thing in common: they have all vowed to protect the world in one way or another.

The leader is Arceus, a form-changing quadrupedal beast, coated in rings of light. Next in line is Mew, a fun-loving prankster, quite the contrast in size. Then there is the dark horse Mewtwo, who has the most savage heart amongst all creatures.

The others are:

  • Palkia, a bipedal white dragon with the demeanour of a stereotypical black man.
  • Dialga, Arceus' younger brother, who is jealous and fanboyish of his brother.
  • Giratina, a flying black (female) centipede who hardly talks.
  • Raikou, a bolt-headed hyperactive tiger.
  • Entei, a fiery lion with a short temper.
  • Suicune, an ice-cold, but overall kind, prankster... I don't know what she is.
  • Tornadus, a turbulent freak who won't stop screaming.
  • Thundurus, an exact twin of Tornadus, but with lightning.
  • Landorus, a rock-solid no-nonsense peacekeeper.
  • Reshiram, a soaring white fire dragon who is always pissed off about something. And pursues the truth.
  • Zekrom, a caring black thunder dragon who can normally talk sense into people. And pursues ideals.
  • Kyurem, a strangely silent (and indifferent) ice dragon, who seeks to restore balance to the world.
  • Kyogre, a water wanderer with a hot personality.
  • Groudon, a bipedal earth monster who is always vaguely depressed because people won't let him sleep.
  • Rayquaza, a laid-back sky dragon.
  • Deoxys, a nerdy humanoid circuit made from ancient technology.
    • Unown, Deoxys' many, many servants.
  • Keldeo, a colorful unicorn who gives no f@cks.
  • Xerneas, a snooty blue deer with jewels in his horns.
  • Yvetal, a flying red thing with huge-ass wings.
  • Zygarde, a bored-as-hell compound-eyed green serpent.
  • Jirachi, a weird thing with extreme optimism.
  • Uxie, a sleepy thing.
  • Mesprit, an emotional slutty Uxie.
  • Azelf, the complete opposite of Uxie.
  • Meoletta, a shy singing girl.
  • Shaymin, a lazy bush thing.
  • Cresselia and Darkrai, twins who control the moon.
  • Latios and Latias, twins who are never apart.
  • Regigigas, a macho man with three little brothers. Enjoys making puns, especially those that involve the word "Regi" (like "My body is Regi").
    My body is regi dem puns 9f1299 3778683-1-
  • Heatran a bitch-ass fire thing.
  • Arcticuno, the Ice Bird. Protective of his forest.
  • Zapdos, the Thunder Bird. Do NOT disturb. Or he will kidnap you and stuff you into a thundercloud.
  • Moltres, the Fire Bird. If you go anywhere near him, he assumes you want to either destroy his mountain or fight him. Very overdramatic.
  • Genesect, a technologically revived fossil.
  • Victini, an optimistic piece of sh@t.
  • Manaphy and Phione, two weird things. They are fairly friendly.
  • Ho-Oh, a magical fire bird that sh!ts rainbows.
  • Lugia, a magical water dragon thing.
  • Celebi, a green Navi. WILL NOT LEAVE YOU ALONE.

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