This is basically a list of all the things that have gone wrong at StarGate.

  • 0000- Ender trusts Carlos, gets kicked into a pit.
  • 0001- Sonake attacks the End, gets ass kicked a few days later.
  • 0002- Beyonder Armor Mark I destroyed.
  • 0003- Silas tries to hire Justin Bieber.
  • 0004- Xena forgets that gravity exists and glues a chest to the ceiling...
  • 0005- Alex attempts to make a VRMMORPG (Virtual-Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) and fails miserably.
  • 0006- Silas accepts a duel with Endor.
  • 0007- Ender takes drugs and thinks that he is a snake for three whole days (yes, this actually happened).
  • 0008- Alex writes this list.
  • 0009- Hank (J.W.) reads Harry Potter while drunk, and gets pissed at Silas's son because Sirius dies.
  • 000a- Hank accidentally starts a food fight.
  • 000b- Hank and Silas have a diss-off, which turns into a rap battle, which turns into a mini-war.
  • 000c- Endin blows up.
  • 000d- Sonake cuts off Alex's hand, giving him a reason to build the Proton Blaster V6 and co.
  • 000e- Alex tests the Proton Blaster V3 and blinds Silas for three weeks.
  • 000f- Ender takes drugs again and thinks he is a rock for three whole months.
  • 000g- Shiftkey prank-calls the president of Russia.
  • 000h- ]0[ MAGNEMITE
  • 000i- The Dark Master underestimates Ender. Again.
  • 000j- Mario tries to feed Silas drugged spaghetti.
  • 000k- Silas accepts a duel with Endor again.
  • 000l- Xena trolls Ender by turning invisible for more than six years and stalking him.
  • 000m- Xena tries to outrun a horde of Sanic clones.
  • 000n- Ender steals Ray Arnold's weed cakes and gets high as a kite.
  • 000o- Ray tries to convince people that he is Obama in disguise.
  • 000p- Foxy works with Endin to try and nuke North Korea with its own bombs, but realise a bit too late that that would give away their location.
  • 000q- Ender decided to try and hire spiders as a prank, and ends up in a fear-induced coma.
  • 000r- Tor tries to kill Shaden.
  • 000s- Silas cockblocks Ender.
  • 000t- Endin allows Magnemite to corrupt In-000h.
  • 000u- Silas disses Conner.
  • 000v- Alex breaks physics. On multiple occasions.
  • 000w- Ender gets disqualified from a staring contest for cheating... using powers of suggestion. He doesn't even have those! ...yet.
  • 000x- Ender convinces the entire team to watch Dragon Ball: Evolution (the movie).
  • 000y- Silas convinces everyone to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender (the movie).
  • 000z- Almost everyone in the team gets cancer from the above movies. And Eddie attempts to burn the tumors out (he succeeds, but it was very painful).
  • 0011- Conner is a douchenozzle and gets himself kidnapped and turns evil.
  • 0012- Alex gets his hand shot off.
  • 0013- Alex loses his hand again.
  • 0014- I'm starting to see a pattern in how Alex keeps losing his hand.
  • 0015- Alex misplaces his hand. Turns out Robin stole it.
  • 0016- Alex tests the Proton Blaster V6 Flash feature and blinds Silas for a few months.
  • 0017- Alex royally f*cks up when he not only gives everyone who played SBURB-Epsilon Overpowered NECREMODE powers, but also standard god tiers too.

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