The name MVP was that given to every Alex clone originally, but many of them chose new names, for instance the first created MVP called himself Michael Van Patrick, and others calling themselves Mitch Von Palladin and so forth. The MVP clones were originally created to build an official 'StarGate Army' but not enough of them were created, only 200, so they became an elite squad. The most notable clone of Alex was the rogue killer MVP, the final clone created, who called himself K.I.A. He attempted to kill Alex, but this ultimately failed and K.I.A was destroyed. Unfortunately, these clones were not immortal like Alex, and they died like a normal human would in battles, but they did not age. There are currently only three surviving MVP's, Mitch, Vincent and Peter. They are used by Alex to go on missions or go abroad when he can't be bothered.

MVP star

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