MegaMan, real name Rock Light, is a Reploid robot that, despite being originally built for maintenance and cleaning, is well renowned for stopping Dr. Albert Wily from taking over the world. He was supposedly destroyed, but is in fact still well and functioning. There have been many attempts to create other forms of him and his allies. These include X, from the same creator, who paired up with Wily's Zero Reploid (who, in his prototype phase, completely annihilated Rock), the EXE Module, a virus-fighting program who is in no way affiliated with Sonic.EXE, the Star Force who are completely useless, and the Biometals.

Rock is brave and calm, and has made allies out of the many robots corrupted with Wily's influence. These include: his own brothers, all-star athletes, planet-destroying gods, pyromaniac sheriffs, a sea witch robot, dank spicy memes, comets, and so many more.

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