Metal Beard is a Master Builder who lost his body to laser sharks in Lord Business's tower.


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Metal Beard is a pirate and Master Builder, and one of 7 Master Builders to help storm the Octan Tower. He was first seen in Cloud Cuukoo Land and told Emmet that it would be impossible to save the world and says that he isn't going to help, but comes back later on to help them save the world. He is able to disable the shield system where Benny couldn't which brings the speculation that Business would speak like a pirate to be able to disable the system, or thought that no-one would have a pirate to help disable the shield system. He is able to Master Build his body into different things, including a photocopier, and follows the Laws of the Sea, which we only learn one of in the movie. He is one of the bigger LEGO Figures.

Due to the laws of LEGO, he can sit on-top of a Spaceship without breaking it.