NECREMODE is a term coined by Foxy after discovering ancient ruins depicting beings of infinite power. The actual phenomenon is named after Ender's NECREMODE, NECRE, and the appearance of the form is defined by Claspects. In this form, the enlightened soul performing NECREMODE is granted near-omnipotent abilities, and any talents they already have are boosted infinityfold.

It is similar to the God-Tier level granted to the regular players of the game SBURB, a universe-creating game that extends beyond the computer. Unlike God-Tier, however, it is not necessary to die in order to achieve this form.

NECREMODE had three tiers.

Tier I - WandererEdit

A form in which the original player gains marking on their face, as well as cool, edgy-looking clothing based on their class, with the colour scheme of their aspect, and increased physical abilities, as well as access to manipulation of the aspect (detailed by class), and an almighty weapon granted to the user by summoning.

Everyone who participated in some way to the StarGate Inc. SBURB Session has access to this, as well as a few people who had nothing to do with it.

Tier II - GuardianEdit

These forms are very powerful, granting the user further boosted abilities over both physical strength and aspect-control, but lose access to the cool clothing and weaponry. This form is the hardest to control, but very strong once mastered. The head shape is defined by class, and colour scheme, again, by aspect. Only the people who actively participated in the Session can access this form at all, and it requires such intense emotion that, for the first few times using this form, the user is completely emotionless. This form is also significantly shorter than all the others. It also retains prominent details from the original user's physique, like Ender's hair or Xena's Blood Pact Scar (which turns into a huge glowing red hand with a knife-like wound in it, and has the colour scheme of a Strength aspect, despite Xena herself being Speed)

Tier III (Final) - AbsoluteEdit

This form is rare, but devastating, and has access to all the abilities of the two above forms, with all powers multiplied a hundredfold. They have access to their chosen weapon, and have some remnants of the cool clothing showing in the form of physical deformities(?), as well as the prominent features from before. On the face, instead of cool markings, this form has risen lines on the face, prominent.

This form also has wings, and the style of wings depends on the Class and Aspect. Being Destroyer of Dark, Ender has crow wings, whereas the Dark Master/Master of Dark has bat wings. Every aspect has a different theme, and each class has a theme as well (Dark aspect is dark creatures, Destroyer class is birds).

Only three people have ever achieved this form: Ender, Xena, and the Dark Master himself. Alex also has a half-awakened form of this.

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