The New Order of the Hokages was a group of Seven Hokages who had survived the Hoak Civil War. They were all bloodthirsty and ruthless, save for Conner, the Fifth Hokage. They were led by Malladus and were all killed apart from Conner and his elder brother, Sonake, at the battle of the End. Malladus and Hyperiate later came back as spirits.

They are:

  • Malladus the Demon, First hokage
  • Kronos the Titan, Second Hokage
  • Hyperiate the Dark Light, Third Hokage
  • Sonake the Yellow Flash, Fourth Hokage
  • Conner the Mind-Spark, Fifth Hokage
  • Halai the Healer, Sixth Hokage
  • Ketei the Flameborn, Seventh Hokage

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