The Outrealm Gate is an omnipresent chronokinetic machine that looks almost like an eye. It can edit its own size, and travel to any point in time, with the exception of the exact moment of its own creation and first use (so there's about five minutes missing). It was first used to take the children (among others) from The Old Future and accidentally scattering them across the vague timespace that was necessary to save time. Regardless of its inability to travel to a certain point in time, it can travel absolutely anywhere else, even alternate dimensions, and is apparently immune to time paradoxes, even once being used to transport a broken version of itself to the past for repairs.

It resembles a large silver-edged eye in the sky, with a black slit pupil and everything else inside blue. It is the source of power for The Portal Towers, and is partially tied with the Outrealm Gateway of Ylisse, the key difference being the Ylissean portal is fixed in place.

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