Warning: the concept of SBURB and most related aspects belong to Andrew Hussie. Please don't sue.

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SBURB is a game in which several players are assigned specific roles within a game, before getting their entire planet destroyed, and having themselves shipped off to multiple planets, all themed around them and their Claspects. The goal in the game is to create a new universe, while keeping as many people alive as possible. So far there have only been six separate sessions (four if you count the Alpha and Beta Kids' sessions as one session, as they have the same planet system), and about half of them have been even remotely successful (as in, without The Scratch).

StarGate Inc. has had a session of this game, detailed in Story Arc 40 of the Legend of Ender series (Legend of Ender XL - Double Mobius). This "SBURB Epsilon" was created by Alex in an attempt to challenge himself.

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