The Scripts of Time are ancient scrolls that write themselves, blessed with ancient powers, and contain everything you would ever wish to know about anything that happened, is happening, could happen, will happen, could have happened, and didn't happen, as well as what could be happening right now, what will never happen, and when and how you will die. They are written in many languages at once, different to each person's eyes. For instance, if Ender were to read one it would automatically show his timeline, unless he requests a different story. They can retell the past, report the present, and tell the future. They are stored in the Time Palace.

The Scripts of Time are kept and their safety presided over by a Timekeeper.

They are fully sentient, and are arguing with each other on a daily basis, most commonly the Future and Possible Future Scrolls.

If someone attempts to destroy the scripts (e.g. ripping a scroll in half), they will be subjected to a relative amount of damage in return, with no sustained damage to the scripts (e.g. ripped in half). The only things that can actually harm the books are COs (Cyclical Objects/Jujus), which cannot be tracked through the books (regularly), and cannot be destroyed, as they are perpetually destined to become themselves. Even doing this is extremely technical, because using a CO (e.g. The Crowbar) to destroy the books may backfire and kill you instead (e.g. smashing your head in), because you put the CO into motion.

The Book of Maga is designed as a paradox modus, tracing a CO's time cycle as informally as possible, and creating the path to find/avoid it. It lists all COs in existence.

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