Silas John Caesar Wilson Mercury (born 5th April) is one of the founding members of StarGate. He seems to appear in almost every dimension in some form, and usually an antagonising ally to Ender.

Appearance Edit

Human Form Edit

He is extremely tall, almost 6 ft 2, he has white skin (not caucasian, literally chalk white) and black hair that is short and smart, occasionally with a quiff. He wears golden rimmed spectacles or sunglasses. He wears black gloves of thin lambskin, a large black coat, and is normally wearing a tuxedo. He likes hats, and is most commonly seen sporting a top hat or black fedora. He wears black boots with gold heels, or sometimes brown cowboy boots with spurs. His eyes are the brightest green, due to the fact that he is 'Mother Nature's son', but when angry, his eyes turn grey. In the Old Future, his hair is silver.

Silas the graveyard book by neil gaiman by sirenitori-d5cko2y

Battle Armour Edit

The armour of Silas is silver and is covered in delicate designs. The gauntlets that are worn with it can control rocks, trees, soil, water etc. There was a helmet that went with the armour, but it was used as a trade for the skull of the Ender Dragon. Nobody knows of it's current whereabouts. Also see 'Nightmask'.

Personality Edit

Silas is arrogant and never accepts that he is sometimes wrong. He is outrageously flirty, and this quality has often gotten him into trouble. Despite his arrogance, he is a kind person to those he doesn't know or hate, and his charm often wins people over. Silas is reckless, and does not consider the consequences of his actions, becoming a father whilst still in High School (this was legal however, under the Galactic Governemnts controversial 'If You Look Like You'll Be A Good Parent Go Ahead And Start A Family' law, which basically did what it said in the name). Politically, he is mostly unliked, and as Chair of his High School's 'Left Wing Youth Organization', suffered, and survived, many assassination attempts. His right hand is made of prosthetics and robotics due to it being lost in one such attempt. Much is to be debated, though, about his allegiance in this universe. Whereas some trust him, others don't, but this has not stopped him from almost always representing S.CORP.O.S or StarGate in Galactic and Universal councils. This is probably due to the fact that he is a good talker. Many (especially his close colleague Ender) would say that he is a coward, but he has always claimed "The only reason I have ever run away from a fight was if I was needed at a party. And everyone invites me to their parties." Silas is quite greedy for power, often using his psychic powers to 'persuade' people into giving him things. He lives in Nordic Hall, in Norway.


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