Let me tell you a story.

Let us travel forth in time, to when The Old Future is upon us. Our old friend Ender is lying on the ground, slowly dying, with the messenger of Death, Thanatos, standing before him. When, all at once...

...Alex comes crashing into Him, throwing him to the ground. Thanatos' skull mask spits into two. Alex places this upon his face and becomes overrun with an immense evil. But he is not Alex anymore. His clothing has grown long and black, he is taller than before, and his skin has turned extremely pale.

At this point, the newly-created Skull Lord pulls two scythes from his back, and proceeds to destroy Thanatos and murder Ender. He is uncontrollable, and unstoppable. In the Old Future, he killed Ender, Xena, Silas, Endor, most of The Master League, Sonake, Death, and even Sirius's brother. However, his one true fear of Spiders still remains.

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