The Slenderman is a being that was once human, but was irreversibly metamorphosed into a tall, white-as-a-sheet figure which many are afraid of. He is said to hunt children, and roams a deep forest, known only as the Black Forest. He, apart from Black Phoenices, is the sole inhabitant of that location.


Slendy has many different powers, and these include:

  • Live black tendrils (up to eight) that sprout from his back and can be controlled independently (but these are very unpredictable)
  • Slender Sickness, a medium-rate disease that hampers bodily functions like breathing, sight, balance, etc.. Also causes nausea, paranoia, vomiting, coughing up blood, bloody noses, coughing fits, fever, and (occasionally) amnesia. Unless you happen to be either an approved Proxy, a member of Team Operator, or just naturally immune. Alex is the only one who has been feeling these symptoms for a prolonged amount of time, and, is not only still not immune, but still alive as well, despite the radioactive effects of Sigma Radiation (see below)
  • Sigma Radiation, a strange wave that Slender inadvertently gives off, occasionally affecting the Sickness (see above)
  • Teleportation, which more or less explains itself
  • Messing with technology, a product of Sigma Radiation (see above)
  • Limb extension, i.e. he can stretch himself over an almost infinite distance at will
  • Invisibility (or just really good camouflage)

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