Sonake Akemada The Fourth Hokage of the seven worlds Yellow Flash, more commonly just Sonake or The Yellow Flash, is the only other living member of the New Order apart from Conner, and he is Ender's nemesis.

He used to be the wielder of the Bloodsword, but it was taken by Ender after their first battle.

Sonake appears to be cruel and sadistic, but in fact has a heart, and believes that he is working for the greater good. He is shown to have some dominion over the spirit world, as shown by the time he possessed Ender using his old comrade Malladus.


Sonake is medium height, slightly taller than Conner, with gold hair (one black streak in the middle), and amber-yellow eyes, one of which appears to be cracked along the middle like a pane of glass. He has two sheaths on his legs, two behind his hip, and a massive one on his back, totalling to about five separate swords. He normally has either Resting Bitch Face, or an ungodly sneer that makes you want to manually, slowly, and painfully, tear his face off. His eyes will occasionally either glow yellow or white, and he will also shudder violently for a few seconds. He normally wears robes similar to Conner's, but instead of white and gold, he has black and silver.

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