There are many species affiliated with StarGate Inc. and The Master League. This page aims to de-confuse any people on species terms.


Humans are common creatures, wise and brave, but also stubborn, foolish, and full of unused potential.

  • Males are called "Men" or "Boys"
  • Females are called "Women" or "Girls"
  • They consider there to be multiple genders, but a number do not agree with this.


Enderfolk are wise, brave and strong, with every single one of them having deep purple eyes. Every family (see End Clans) has a slightly different eye colour, and the appearance is divided between the north and south Endlands. The northerners have very pale skin and powerful magic, but are not as tall as the southerners, who are very tall, up to three meters, and have extensively long limbs, as well as being better at teleportation and physical labour.

  • Males are "Endermen"
  • Females are "Enderwomen"
  • Children are "Younglings"


Shulkin, referred to as "Shulkers" by most, are effectively magical molluscs that can make objects defy gravity. They are normally fairly reclusive.

  • One Shulkon
  • Many Shulkin

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