Spiders are strange eight-legged creatures, of varying sizes. Ender and Alex both are mortally afraid of them, hence their obvious unease around morphed Spiders such as Jack and Cavell.

There are many types of Alphaspiders (which is what we call spiders that are not of our world), each with a different twist.

Black DevilEdit

These mischievous spiders are the size of german shepherds. They are also fast as hell.

Cavern DevilEdit

These smaller counterparts to the Black are poisonous.


See Arachno-Claw

Grand CrawlerEdit

These are the queens of all spiders, a full-grown male the size of Alex, females slightly bigger and even more ferocious. StarGate Inc. used to have seven males, but then a female they caught killed all but two of them. These were the most recently discovered.


These are not quite spiders, but rather a race infused with spiders, of which "teh leognedry Spoderman" is the lone survivor.

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