StarGate - The Video Game is a recent videogame thought up by two twelve-year-olds: One semi-American genius retard with antisociality problems, and one amazingly overconfident Irish-Englishman . Guess who? It's Alex and Danny, geniuses and vital to the very existance of the human race.


It starts with an opening cutscene - the destruction of The End.

On his Deathbed, the Ender Dragon releases his heart into the air, and it flies off into the sky.

It hits an Ancient, comfort loving star, named Glendwhyr, and he rockets down from the sky, crashing into planet Earth.

Ender follows the star to Earth. It lands in London in 1879. The star attracts the spirit of Ancient Egyptian Pharohh, Ka Mun Rah. He is absorbed into the star, giving it personality. A young woman stumbles upon the star, in the form of a baby. Her identity is unknown.

The star grows surprisingly fast, and exceeds school expectations. He is named Richard Mellesley.

Meanwhile, the young Enderlord Ender, protects the remnants of the End with an army of 10,000 strong Endermen.

Richard grows up and becomes an author, publishing many works such as 'And the Darkness Rained upon Them', the biggest selling Horror novel of 1903.

In 1907 he is found by the Necromancers, who teach him his magical abilities (Playable part). It turns out that Glendwhyr was actually a banished Time Lord.

He is forced to go to war in 1914, and ends up fighting for the French.

He outlives his 'parents' and stays looking around 30, even in 1980.

Richard, now using the taken name Silas Wilson Shakespeare Augustus Filius Caesar Mercury, meets Ender in 1989 at a party in Las Vegas. The two team up. and in 1992, create StarGate.

They go on to have many adventures.

The game then skips to an opening gameplay: Alex in his room, woken by a strange noise coming from the kitchen. The player must then go downstairs, where he is almost killed (by accident of course) by Ender. As it is, Alex is indefinitely fused to Ender, allowing them to hold a strong empathetic link.

The tale ends there. It continues in episode 2, which is being worked on. It is called StarGate the Videogame 2: Earth in Peril.