(Note: This timeline is bullsh-)

??? - The Legend Books are created by The first Ender Dragon and The Creator.

1 - The First Ender Dragon dies

5 - Endor Nightblade born

7 - Ender Nightblade born, Xenaria Skablad born

8 - Ender Nightblade given his master stone

10 - Endin Nightblade born, Raposa village created

20 - Ender and Xena share their first kiss

23 - Dark Master born, Enni born

25 - Myronice born, Wilfre appears

28 - The End is destroyed, Ender makes his way to Earth and meets ConnerBlaze, Frost and Eddie. Find Qarvus's message.

128 - End of the Hundred Year Journey, Ender finally finds the last master stone

1066 - Ender discovers Time Travel

1546 - Billy Ray Sanguine born

1701 - Silas Mercury born, Ender goes into a ten year coma, Oliver born

1711 - Ender meets a ten year old Silas and tells him "Kid, you have a lot of special powers, but you just don't know it"

1720 - StarDust rogues created, Alex born, Dreamlace born, Cilan born

1723 - Conner cuts off Silas's hand

1725 - Silas marries Lucy Carter

1726 - Henry Mercury born

1743 - Robin and Runner born, Alex and Annie hastily form relationship

1750 - Sirius and Pietri Mercury born

1754 - Ruth Connors Mercury born, Silas and Lucy Carter divorce

1757 - Conner kills Lucy Carter

1780 - Silas and Ender meet up again in a bar in Mombasa, Kenya and Silas explains Chaos Theory

1781 - Anakin born

1783 - Ria born, Silas's hand grows back

1785 - Xici born

1786 - Zandar born, Ruth kills her own boyfriend and starts to smoke pot

1800 - Ender holds the 'New Era' party

1881 - Conner meets Jack the Ripper, they form the five

1916 - Silas meets Billy Ray Sanguine

1922 - Alex, whilst Dreamlace explores distant systems, falls for Ruth and they embark on a whirlwind affair

1939 - War breaks out again

1945 - Ender shoots Adolf Hitler

1950 - Birth of Stargate

1951 - Ruth disappears

1985 - MVPs are made

2000 - The Legend Books are rewritten by Conner, causing the Old Future to happen (It ends soon after)

2005 - Ender and Conner combine forces to bring down Silas Gone Wrong

2011 - Xena creates Heaven

2015 - Present Day, Biometals rediscovered

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