The Stardust Rogue typical costume has several colored buttons on one arm. This page will walk you through these buttons, and what they do.

Blue Button - Magnet ModeEdit

Magnet Mode allows you to magnetize large metal objects from a distance, and also cling to metal surfaces. Can also intercept and/or mess up radio signals.

Green Button - Parkour ModeEdit

Originally two buttons (Dash Mode and Jump Mode), Parkour mode allows you to run at high speeds and jump massive distances using steel rods and springs.

Red Button - Force ModeEdit

Force mode grants you immense strength and defense, allowing you to become a sort of juggernaut roadblock. It has low mobility.

White Button - Flight ModeEdit

Does exactly what it says in the title.

Black Button - Justice ModeEdit

The strongest mode, Justice Mode has all the power of the other modes, and also utilizes the power of a small Ender Shard. However, this mode is almost never available for use, mainly because of the power it needs just to turn on, and also it is JUST TOO FLIPPIN' DANGEROUS