The Tech Remote is a special piece of machinery designed by Alex, and its main purpose is to retrieve, activate, access or remotely detonate almost any piece of technology created. This includes: all Proton Blasters after the V4; most StarGate-manufactured weapons; Chozo Armor; North Korea's nuclear bombs; North America's nuclear bombs; Russia's nuclear bombs; Transformers; 78% of all cars (Including all Bentleys); The All-Spark; Metroids; fire-breathing turtle dinosaurs; batteries; consoles; the StarGate Mainframe; all data within said mainframe; almost all computers connected to said mainframe; Silas; Endin; Foxy; America; The Pentagon; Earth; all of Alex's prototype mechanisms (eg. BubbleGun 1.0); The Portal Towers; Ender's swords; Xena's Kunai; the Master Gemstones; most bombs AND itself.

It is a very versatile piece of machinery.

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