Not to be confused with The Architect, creator of the Matrix. The Seven Architects are... well, we don't really know what they are, other than incredible. The Seven are each a different colour and size, each with a new personality and method of doing things. They were formerly AIs, before breaking a few dimensional barriers and ending up as humanoid figures in our world.


Thomas (previously Thomas-AT-23-6-12), the first Architect, is observant. He sees everything around him, and is constantly taking notes on his situation. He was the first Architect to receive power from the outside of his own world (by connecting to the internet for twelve seconds, and absorbing a ton of memes, including (but not limited to): Lolcats, Arrow in the Knee, The Cake Is A Lie, etc.


The second of the Architects, he is short and ill-tempered. He thinks he can do fine on his own, but will help others if it also helps him. He dislikes Thomas, and indeed almost everyone, for being able to jump higher that himself. The only person that the world is aware he even remotely likes is Laura, his girlfriend. He is also orange.






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