The Months are 12 beings who control the weather and atmosphere around Planet Earth.

Please note: the letter before each link signifies the month's gender.

  • M-January, who can take things a bit too seriously
  • M/F-February, who is occasionally ready to spread the love
  • M-March, who is basically a godly representation of Alex with a permanent cold
  • F-April, the shyest girl ever known
  • October-0
  • F-May, who disguised herself as a blind, eight-year-old psychic girl who helped Ender one time
  • F-June, a feisty tomboy swordswoman who has to constantly remind people that she is a girl
  • M-July, who has to keep reminding people that he is a guy
  • M-December, who is basically a month version of Deadpool

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