Welcome to the StarGate Wiki. Just to let you know, this has nothing to do with StarGate SG-1, a TV show. This wiki is all about detailing the adventures of Ender, Silas, and a bunch of other people. Be warned: the two main wiki admins here, User:TrueEnder (Alex) and User:Silas Mercury , are very conflicting in information. Most of Danny's info is rather untrustworthy and dodgy, whereas Alex had the entire idea of this, created most of this, (almost) everything. Don't mess with him. Also we occasionally have our friend User:AssassinPerson helping out from time to time, who may occasionally post pictures.

To see what mistakes we have made, click here.

Advice for fighting us


Status (TrueEnder/Alex)

my characters get steadily more op

but why tho

Status (Silas Mercury/DanNYEH)

Bill Nye knows stuff.

Status ( Xena/XEnderAwesomex )

So Yee. I'm riright here. Soo . . . yeah. I'll help wherever I can. I also have my own Wikia called LockWorld Wikia

"Insert Awesome Quote Here" -Someone

Status (AssassinPerson/Millie)

I really think that they died. Heck, we haven't heard from them for almost a year :/

R.I.P Millie

Extra Thanks to these Wikis

First of all, thank you ArmeNemra9 for introducing me to Madness Combat. His wiki is here.

Also thanks to the the Madness Combat Wiki for expanding my knowledge on that subject.

We are also in collaboration with The StarGate Enemies Wiki. Check it out.

Our Contributing Members

We would be nowhere without these people being here (most of them, anyway. SOME OF THEM don't do anything...).

  • TrueEnder - Created the wiki and 90% of everything on it
  • Silas Mercury - Is a general ass but has some half-decent ideas
  • AssassinPerson - Helpful images and great support
  • User:XEnderAwesomex - Creator of Xena, and also good with art (may see some work from Missy as well)
  • User:MasterEnder - TrueEnder's other account
  • User:DaVernis - TrueEnder's OTHER other account.

Poll and results

A new poll will be posted every time ten votes are in, and the results of the previous one will be posted below.

In a sudden-death fight with no prep time, who would win?

The poll was created at 22:32 on March 28, 2016, and so far 8 people voted.

Poll 1: Tied Ender/Xena

Poll 2: Unknown

Latest activity

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Graveyard Book Chris Riddell iPad Wallpaper

Silas with his 'student', Nobody Owens

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