Welcome to the StarGate Wiki. Just to let you know, this has nothing to do with StarGate SG-1, a TV show. This wiki is all about detailing the adventures of Ender, Silas, and a bunch of other people.

Here's an aim: Infoboxes on every page

It's here at last

Advice for fighting us


A WILD ASSASSIN APPEARED! == Hey guys, I AM BACK! YEAH! I wasn't dead or anything, I just lost the Wiki and couldn't find it for some reason. So. Ehh. Whatever.

But, anyway, your glorious Assassiny Friend is now back from where she had been stuck, and she's here to stay!

So, uhh, how've you all been then?

not bad lol, made this,

feel free to edit if u like (Conner' skids need a mother btw)

Status (TrueEnder/Alex)

IM BACK {expletive deleted}

so yeah i have been working on random crap regarding making certain characters more overpowered than they legitimately need to be. for example, i have given Endor a massive power boost and backstory, so now he's the strongest person on this wiki.


it's good to be back


Status (Silas Mercury)

Is there a chat or something lol

Status ( Xena/XEnderAwesomex )

So Yee. I'm riright here. Soo . . . yeah. I'll help wherever I can. I also have my own Wikia called LockWorld Wikia

"Insert Awesome Quote Here" -Someone

Poll and results

A new poll will be posted every time ten votes are in, and the results of the previous one will be posted below.

In a sudden-death fight with no prep time, who would win?

The poll was created at 22:32 on March 28, 2016, and so far 11 people voted.

Poll 1: Tied Ender/Xena

Poll 2: Unknown

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