Everyone has a theme song. Here is all of them grouped together.

Alex - Darude SandstormEdit

Alex's Theme05:38

Alex's Theme


A song written by artist Darude and found by Alex.

Ender - Final HopeEdit

Ender's Theme03:52

Ender's Theme


A song that represents Ender's fall, his life, and his will to work alone.

Sonake - Eternity ForeverEdit

Sonake's Theme03:27

Sonake's Theme


A song that shows Sonake's undying spirit and steel-forged will.

Xena - Already Given UpEdit

Xena's Theme03:20

Xena's Theme

Spy music lol

A piece surrounding Xena in mystery, steadily revealing more as time goes on.

Silas - SunshineEdit

Silas's Theme 103:22

Silas's Theme 1


A moving piece depicting Silas' fight against himself - Should he go with his heart... or with his head?

Shaden - Gravity FallsEdit

Shaden's Theme01:35

Shaden's Theme


A melody that resonates through the woods and the shadows, cloaked in mystery.

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