Vincent and his catchphrase, as seen by the lost souls.

Vincent Knife, AKA the Purple Man, is a killer famous for his iconic purple clothing and habit of killing children. He is the murderer of the Lost Souls, and is hated by all except his allies, Fritz Smith, his cousin and Vinnie, his sister. He, much to everyone's relief, met his demise when he stuffed himself inside a yellow bunny suit named SpringTrap, hoping to escape the Lost Souls. The spring locks failed, and he was crushed to death inside the suit by springs and gears. He has been like that for at least ten years, and is fairly decomposed. However, he has been able to control the suit, in a similar manner to the Lost Souls and their suits, but he moves a lot more fluidly; the manner in which he travels seems almost human. Also, he hates the Puppet.

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