Weapon classification is difficult, especially with such a complicated weaponry template.

I have decided to create this page to avoid all possible confusion and mistakes on the typings of weapons.


A weapon's Series is determined by... well, its series. Weapons like Ender's twin swords and Xena's kunai would be placed in the "Master Manifest" Series, whereas the Pendulum Axe and Bloodsword are part of the "Legacy Weapons" Series.


Type is simple if you understand it. It's saying if a weapon is melee or range, the number of hands for swords (1 or 2, but occasionally more), but not a specific measure of anything.


Class is the hardest thing to explain, but here I go.

There are many different weapon Classes, each with strategic strengths and weaknesses. Every Class is easily recognisable by a certain feature.

  • Sword- Medium-length edged tool, can be divided into single and double edged
  • Bow- Divided into material and magical, fires long thin projectiles
  • Bowgun- Mainly material, mostly mechanical, fires shorter bolts (includes crossbows)
  • Toss Disc- A flattish throwable object, including chakram, throwing stars, and kunai
  • Breaker- A heavy longsword, with two to three blades and at least one serrated edge.
  • Axe- Single or double edged staff mace, with blades extended
  • Shatter Axe- HUGE axe with longer blades and pole, normally with some mystic powers.
  • Blaster- A technological weapon that fires energy projectiles
  • Beam Cannon- A special blaster that fires beams of energy
  • Buster- A special, powerful blaster that can alternate between range and melee attacks, normally arm-mounted.
  • tbc...


Every weapon has an elemental ability, a certain side type. The Pendulum Axe has a "Chronos" Elementa, whereas the Vex Mythoclast is "Dark".

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