Getting corrupted


Wilfre is a Shadow-corrupted Raposa with world-changing abilities. He lives in two different "dimensions": The Raposa World and Real Life. Both are part of The Farlands. He is apparently in love with Circi, and it is subject to debate whether he is the father of both Mike and Heather. In the Raposa World (his homeland), he used to be the center of attention. Then he stole the Book of Life and drew in it to create the Corruptive Shadows. Unsurprisingly, he became corrupted and tried to cover the village in darkness. He gained control, the shadows were destroyed, and then he started taking color from the world. This was so he could talk to everyone, and say that if Mike "Woke Up" their world would be destroyed.

Then he teamed with the Raposa to stop his world's version of Alex, with the help of the real Alex. He joined StarGate after gaining full control of the shadows, surprising everyone who thought he was dead.

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