This page is basically to clarify any problems or misunderstandings caused by the rather confusing properties of the beings known as Wisps. The powers are used by the Wisps themselves, but the powers may be harnessed by someone of great determination, or by the Beyonder Suit (Mk2).

Red BurstEdit

This allows the user to transform into a fireball, granting the ability to cause huge damage via explosions.

Yellow DrillEdit

This turns the user into an almost invulnerable drill-shaped thing, allowing accelerated movement through both solid earth and water.

Grey QuakeEdit

This makes the user become a large, grey, rolling orb with glowing eyes, allowing fast transportation over land and total invulnerability.

Ivory LightningEdit

This transforms the user into a ball of lightning, allowing travel through circuits and other conductive objects, as well as allowing powerful homing attacks.

Indigo AsteroidEdit

Grants powerful gravitational abilities, as well as the ability to absorb almost all matter within a small radius. The radius gets larger the more material is collected.

Cyan LaserEdit

This transforms the user into a beam of light, allowing fast air travel for a very short amount of time... in only one direction. It also allows you to bounce through crystals and mirrors for a change in direction.

Magenta RhythmEdit

A somewhat queer Wisp that allows the user to turn themselves into a musical note. This note can travel either wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling, and can only "move" by collecting musical notes.

Orange RocketEdit

Allows the user to become a skyward-shooting rocket. That's it. That is all that it does.

Blue CubeEdit

The user will become a blue box, and be able to traverse along certain materials, whereas others will be destroyed on contact.

Crimson EagleEdit

Turns the user into a soaring red thing, allowing slower air transport than Cyan, but easier to control.

Pink SpikesEdit

Is what it says on the tin. The user becomes a spiky pink ball, allowing fast motion and transportation up walls.

Green HoverEdit

Allows the user to transform into a strange hovercraft, allowing fast up-and-down motion, with a small amount of super-fast forward boost.

Purple Frenzy and Violet VoidEdit

These two Nega-Wisps allow the user to use a power similar to that of the Indigo wisp, but allows flight as well as absorption.

Black BombEdit

Makes the user a tick-ticking time bomb with motion similar to that of Grey Quake, but with a fuse not to be messed with.

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