Z̼͆̓ͯ́̽ͯa͚̠̣̠̞̫̩ͭ̑ͨ̽̔l̰͇̥͖̩͇̞ͦͤgͣ̀̉͑̐͛͌o͖͕̽ͬ́̐̓ͭ, also referred to as He Who Waits Behind The Wall, is an immortal creature of the night, able to edit and control his surroundings. He is not so much a physical being as a concept brought into reality from the broken minds of scared children. He enjoys toying with his victims before killing them, and can best be described as an embodiment of fear. Those he corrupts insert him into artwork, and his best known phrase is "HE COMES".

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