Zebaztian (pronounced Zeb-az-dian) or Zeb for short, is the son of Oliver. He is just as deadly, with an eye for detail. He is sixteen years old. Like his father, he is a racist and sexist, and believes that women are inferior to men. He has smartly cut black hair, unlike his father, and is very violent. His eyes are a dark shade of green, but when angered they are red. His main weapon is a large double barrelled shotgun, which he has painted and decorated himself to suit his personality. He is the rightful Skull Lord, but nobody listens to him when he tries to tell them. In the Old Future, he is sent with the Future Kids, but breaks away from them and tries to kill them. After saving Sirius from the Dark Master, he tells him "I only saved you so I can kill you myself" but Anakin soon appears and stabs him in the back, ending his short life in the Old Future. He is locked in a juvenile detention centre in Real Time for his murderous ways. After his death in the Old Future, Anakin took his shotgun but it is stolen by Tor, who has an exact copy when she is in Real Time. Zeb occasionally may use his father's weapon, the Vex Mythoclast, when he is tasked with slaughtering an enemy of importance. He also uses a very small, double barrelled pistol for taking people out who are nearby.


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